Welcome to the Tapestry Project

The Tapestry Project is creating charter schools that reflect the best of New York City. The focus of our efforts is Northern Brooklyn, a rapidly changing neighborhood that epitomizes New York�s dynamic diversity.

We believe the freedom charter schools have to innovate and provide flexible academic structures makes them uniquely able to meet a diverse neighborhood's demand for excellent school options. Charter schools should offer not only rigorous academic programs but also a breadth of learning opportunities that rival those found in New York�s top private, selective and magnet schools. They should provide a rich menu of instruction including art, music, dance, theatre, chess, and sports and incorporate innovative academic models such as dual language programming, technology based instruction, or a Montessori/Waldorf curriculum.

We do not believe that one size fits all but rather that a community benefits from having a variety of competing educational options. Therefore, each of the schools that photoTapestry creates will be independent, will be individually designed by a strong leader and will have substantial grassroots involvement in its design and creation.

By starting world class schools in Northern Brooklyn, we will create a national model demonstrating how empowering educational entrepreneurs and providing parents with choices can create a rich tapestry of educational options that serve and meet the needs of all students in a diverse community.